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  • Duraflex Partial Dentures

    Duraflex Partial Dentures

    Duraflex is a new advanced thermoplastic light enough to float in water. Duraflex: – will not absorb moisture, stain and is odour resistant – is easy to polish, adjust and […]

  • Visio.lign


    Over the last couple of months we’ve invested our time looking into Visio.lign – a new solution for highly aesthetic implant restorations. ‘The Visio.lign veneering system is an innovative, highly […]

  • VALPLAST dentures

    VALPLAST dentures

    VALPLAST® nylon flexible full and partial dentures Virtually invisible, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, unbreakable and supplied with a Lifetime guarantee under normal use*. We are a registered Valplast laboratory and our technicians […]

  • Acrylic, full and partial dentures

    Acrylic, full and partial dentures

    We are experts in both full and partial denture work, with use of plane line, semi or fully adjustable articulators in dally use, e.g. Denar-Dentartus-Wipmix. For all partial acrylic denture […]

  • Chrome Cobalt, full and partial dentures

    Chrome Cobalt, full and partial dentures

    RJS Dental are specialists in casting and finishing of simple to the most complex Chrome and specialist metals work. RJS Dental offers a multitude of chrome and specialist metals options, […]

  • Implants


    We are fully conversant with the Straumann and Branemark system and experts in the design and manufacture of partial and full dentures for implant work. From initial stents to gold […]

  • Gumshields, Teeth Whitening Trays, Retainers, Splints

    Gumshields, Teeth Whitening Trays, Retainers, Splints

    Offering a wide range of custom made and designed gumshield and teeth whitening appliances along with specialist design and manufacture of orthodontic retainers, occlusal splints and gingival screens. We only […]